Project Opportunities

The following questions are intended to provide Renewable Power with enough information to qualify proposed projects for further development effort. Not all questions may apply to any one specific project. As the details of a specific project are defined, additional questions will be generated.
Provide the name location and contact information for the project
The primary purpose of the project for waste disposal energy production or both
Is the application for a municipality or a host customer
The desired commercial application is to have us BOO or Build Sell
If a host application what are the hours of operation for the customer
Who owns the land that is proposed for the project
Any seasonal shifts in energy demand for steam and or power
For energy production is the application for steam and or electricity or all
What type of waste fuels are available for the project such as MSW RDF TDF Wood AgWaste Sludge
Is the waste fuel already prepared into fuel pellets or chips
What volume of waste fuel is available per ton per year
Are there long term contracts in place or available for the waste fuel supply
Who controls the waste fuel supply
What is the timing for the project is it immediate or 1 year 2 years or commercial bid