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Project Opportunities

At Renewable Power we want to assist those who may have a need for either our waste disposal services or energy supply services.  Before we can evaluate potential project opportunities, we need certain technical and commercial data to define the scope of required services and thus the project configuration.  To help potential customers collect this data, we have created a Project Development Questionnaire (which is available below).  The questions are intended to provide Renewable Power with enough information to qualify proposed projects for further development effort.  Not all questions may apply to any one specific project.  As the details of a specific project are defined, additional questions will be generated.  The technical details of many questions are intended for the engineering staff of the potential customer. 

If you have a need for our waste disposal or energy supply services, 
you may provide us with general information regarding your project by clicking on the link below.

For a more comprehensive list of project questions that includes requested technical data, please click on the Project Questionnaire document that is provided below.


If you are interested in general information about our solutions or services, please feel free to contact us at the following email address and we will respond to your inquiry in the order it was received.