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Multi-Fuel Gasification

Renewable Power has strategically aligned itself with industry proven gasification technology that supports our model of small distributed renewable energy generation facilities that provide an environmentally responsible alternative to the use fossil fuels. KMW Systems as our primary supplier and Synova Power for our larger system needs both provide Renewable Power with sound gasification technologies for the development of distributed renewable energy projects utilizing their clean conversion technologies.  These strategic suppliers also bring us project opportunities for potential consulting and development services.

EcoReactor Gasifier
Gasifier Cut Away
EcoReactor Gasifier

KMW Energy Systems - The EcoReactor Gasifier

KMW's gasification technology was originally developed by their parent company in Sweden, founded in 1947. Over 50 years of design experience and more than 3,500 installations worldwide, from the earliest designs to the current models covering the full range of capacity from small to large sized units, gives them a leading position in gasification technology. They are committed to advancing their technology to keep pace with future environmental standards. 

In 1987 a KMW Energy System was installed at ORTECH International located in Mississauga, Ontario for the purpose of research. The system was used to test the suitability of different types of waste materials as fuel for energy production, while monitoring their effects on the environment. Successful gasification tests have been performed on such materials as refuse derived fuel (RDF) from municipal waste, scrap tires or tire derived fuel (TDF), waste paper/cardboard, peat, low grade high ash content coal and various biomass materials to list a few.

A second gasification system for research was installed in 1999 at CETC in Ottawa. Canmet, Natural Resources Canada, operates this research facility. KMW continues to be active in research and the development of their technology and new applications for renewable energy through collaborating with CANMET Energy Technology Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, and McGill University in Montreal, Qubec.

The KMW Energy Systems have unmatched fuel flexibility as they are designed to accept a wide variety of solid fuels including the following examples:

° Sawdust/Bark
° Woodchips
° Hogfuel

° Agri-Waste
° Rice Husks
° Sewage & Sludge
° C & D Debris

Fuel Flexibility

The system is very forgiving to variations in fuel characteristics, size distribution and moisture content. Sawdust and larger pieces of wood waste up to 6” can be mixed, dry and wet (up to 65% moisture content as measured on wet basis).
Biomass as a source of fuel is virtually unlimited and can be used without harmful consequences to the environment.

The gasification process, which is the focus of our technology, is a complex process involving 3 significantly different steps.

1. Evaporation of moisture from fuel
2. Distillation of volatile gases, which are then combusted
3. Consummation of fixed carbons, solid & gaseous, to generate additional energy.

Designed for Effortless Operation:

Each gasifier energy system is custom designed and engineered to suit the requirements of each individual application, with thermal energy output ranging from 150 Boiler HP to 4,000 Boiler HP.

The systems are of a modular design based on standard components.  The design has not only been optimized for gasification and operating efficiency, but also for quick and smooth erection.  Quality control at the fabrication level assures compliance with stringent design specification.  The supplied equipment is delivered in as large and complete units as possible considering reasonable handling and transportation methods.  Many pieces of the system will be pre-fitted in the shop for easier field assembly.  Sized to fit most applications.


Synova Power, LLC is a Los Angeles, US based company, formed by a team of experienced senior executives to employ proven technologies to develop, design and build systems to convert refuse-derived-fuel (RDF) or biomass into clean synthesis gas (Syngas).  Synova's approach provides a modular integrated Gasification Combined Cycle ("IGCC") system for turn-key power but it can also be used without the power block as a clean disposal solution for different waste supplies. The Syngas is stable and suitable for firing in exisiting equipment, alone or in combination with coal or natural gas and it is suitable for the production of chemicals.

Synova is affiliated with Royal Dahlman, a Dutch company founded in 1885.  Its renewable energy division has been gasifying woody biomass for the past ten years under the auspices of the Energy Research Center in the Netherlands (ECN). Dahlman is a major supplier of scrubbing or filtration systems to all of the major petroleum, chemical and Syngas producers, including Shell and Sasol.  In collaboration with the ECN, Dahlman developed a tar removal system called OLGA which guarantees that the Syngas output of the gasification systems meet the precise specifications of turbines. Now together (through equity ownership) Synova Dahlman has a development and engineering team with a high level of expertise and experience in Syngas.

This collaberation also provides for world class management of projects with exisiting engineering, research and fabrication infrastructure to deploy proven equipment and technology that has been used in its various parts in full scale operations worldwide.

Synova Dahlman Gasification & OLGA System

Note: Information provided on the KMW Energy and Synova Power gasification technology was provided by KMW Systems, Inc. and Synova Power respectively under arrangements with Renewable Power Holdings Incorporated.