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Animal Waste Gasification

Gasification technology can convert the problem of  animal waste disposal into a multi-faceted revenue stream that benefits the environment. Through proven, gasification technology, what is now a liability can be changed to a benefit in the form of energy (heat or electricity), potentially fertilizer, fully salable tax credits, renewable energy credits (REC) and the ever important public approval. The process is simple; litter, poultry waste (DAF and offal) and many forms of manure are converted into a waste fuel steam using gasification technology. Litter or manure is used as the fuel to generate steam and electricity through the gasification conversion process. Steam is used to offset natural gas bills (or other expensive purchased fuels) and generate electricity for in-house consumption or sale. The resulting ash from the gasification process can be used as fertilizer or a soil additive.  There are operating facilities that can provide commercial "proof of process" for the clean gasification of litter and manure.

Turkey House
EcoReactor Gasifier

Eco-Remedy Gasifier

By clicking or pasting the on the Link to the left into your URL you will be able to view a short video clip of the Eco-Remedy gasification system in operation.

Why does rem Engineering’s system work when others have failed? - CONTROL

rem Engineering invested years of laboratory and field research and testing before concluding conventional combustion methods do not provide the necessary control to properly convert litter to useable energy. They determined a unit specifically designed to address the unique properties and chemical constituents of litter (and other animal waste) is needed to solve the environmental crisis of animal manure disposal.

Engineering designed, fabricated and tested their own patented litter combustion unit. Their exclusive design combines proven technologies for burning wood, coal (gob & culm), and whole rubber tires with technology used for high ash, low energy fuels to address the unique properties of poultry litter and other animal wastes.  rem with their patented Eco-Remedy technology, works closely with Renewable Power in the configuration and deployment of facilities that are developed by Renewable Power for WTE plants that will convert animal waste into clean "green" energy.

Note: Information on the EcoReactor and Eco-Remedy Gasification technology was provided by KMW Energy and rem Engineering, Inc. respectively under agreement with Renewable Power.