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About Us

Renewable Power Holdings Incorporated (RPH), a holding company, owns 100% of two separate operating companies: Renewable Power Development, LLC (RPD) and Renewable Power Development Europe, s.r.l. (RPD-E). RPD and RPD-E provide consulting & development services along with the promotion of small to medium Waste-to-Energy (WTE) & Biomass-to-Energy (BTE) Projects in the America's (including the Caribbean) and the EU markets respectively. We use joint ventures with strategic partners to expand our opportunities in each market. RPH provides management oversight and works with its co-development partners on services that include; project screening, due diligence and project funding.

RPD is a provider of consulting services and a developer of small-scale  WTE and BTE plants, in the Americas that provide clean alternative energy as an "Environmental Partner" for our customers. RPDE is a provider of consulting services and developer of WTE and BTE plants in Europe.  We use state-of-the-art thermal gasification technologies to provide clean sustainable solutions to a variety of waste disposal problems while generating clean alternative energy.

  Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure

*SPE = a Special Purpose Entity established to act as the “project company” for each project

RPH provides three types of services to its clients:

1. Infrastructure Project Consulting - Alternative energy: 

  • We provide diversified services for the power and waste management industries such as; project screening, due dilligence, development, introduction to funding resources,  product support and community outreach.
  • Specialization in small to medium BTE, WTE, Recylcing, and Biogas Projects.
  • Assit developers and equipment vendors in aligning project funding for "bankable" projects with their end-user clients. 

   2. Waste disposal services:
  • Raw municipal solid waste (MSW) is processed to remove the material that can be recycled (i.e. metals and glass) along   with other inert components (i.e. sand and dirt) to produce refuse derived fuel (RDF) pellets. The RDF is typically 60-75% of the incoming MSW. The RDF fuel pellets are then used as fuel in our energy systems.
  • Animal waste (cow manure, chicken litter, pig slop) is processed, which in some cases includes drying, and is then used as fuel in our energy systems.
  • Municipal Sewage Sludge (MSS) is approximately 80-90% water, with the remaining material being waste solids. The MSS is processed and is then used as fuel in our energy systems. A portion of the waste heat from our thermal conversion system is sometimes used for drying the MSS. 

   3. Energy supply services:
  • Production of heat from our processing of biomass and waste fuels.
  • Conversion of the heat generated from our process into thermal energy, such as high pressure steam and/or chilled water.
  • Conversion of high pressure steam generated from our process into electricity.


George Cretecos, Jr.

Co-Founder and CEO of Renewable Power Holdings & its subsidiaries

Mr. Cretecos has over 30 years of proven operating and business management experience in key positions over a wide range of industries. His experience includes a position as Director of Marketing and Sales at Comm-Tract Corporation, a multi-million dollar corporation where he spearheaded the turnaround of profitable new sales and marketing programs, including the creation of the Company’s infrastructure and communications resources in a difficult market. He has also served as Director of Sales and Marketing for a division of Schlumberger Technologies. 

Most recently he held the position of CEO and Director of Nathaniel Energy Corporation before leaving the company to pursue the development of renewable energy plants. While at Nathaniel he drove the successful restructuring of the company, eliminated its debt and developed the relationships that positioned the business to implement its plans for focused growth in the renewable energy industry. Mr. Cretecos has demonstrated his skills and expertise in taking a company from its early development stage and redirecting it’s near and long term goals while directing the turnaround efforts through his vision and leadership. Prior to July 2005, Mr. Cretecos was the Company’s Chief Operating Officer in charge of overall operations for the Company. 

Mr. Cretecos received his B.A., with high honors, from the State University at Westfield Massachusetts, with split courses from the University of Massachusetts. He has also taken Master’s Degree courses in communications at Boston State College. 

Paul C. Marley II, P.E.

Co-founder & Consultant of Renewable Power Holdings & its subsidiaries 

Mr. Marley has over 30 years of experience in the development, construction, operation & maintenance (O&M), and management of power projects. 

After receiving his BSE in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University, Mr. Marley served as a nuclear-trained submarine officer in the US Navy. He has worked for both Investor Owned Utilities and Independent Power Producers since leaving active duty with the Navy and was the General Manager of the Cogeneration Development Group for Shell Trading in Houston. 

His assignments have covered the entire range of technical and commercial activities required for power plant development and operation. This includes the supervision of project development, engineering, construction, O&M, and asset management tasks, with extensive experience in industrial cogeneration projects. 

Mr. Marley’s technical expertise includes work on power projects using municipal waste-to-energy, nuclear, solar, geothermal, hydro, waste coal, biomass, coal and gas technologies. His commercial experience includes supervisory responsibilities in the areas of market analysis, project and market financial modeling, fuel procurement, labor relations and staffing procedures, and contract negotiation and administration. 

Mr. Marley received his MBA, with high honors, at the University of Notre Dame and he is a registered Professional Engineer in CT and MI. 

Gianfranco Licursi, P.E.

Co-founder & President of Renewable Power Development Europe, s.r.l (RPDE)

Executive Vice President of Renewable Power Holdings 

Gianfranco Licursi, P.E., oversees RPDE’s business operations and project development activities in Europe. He is a Professional Engineer with over 40 years of experience in the automotive, oil and gas and alternative energy industries. 

Mr. Licursi began his career in the automotive industry before working in the oil-field service industry. He was the co-founder of an engineering and construction group that worked with Brown & Root to service the oil field industry for clients such as Gulf Oil, Texaco, and Phillips Petroleum. 

Later, in Italy, he worked for ISOLTECNICA S.p.A., as an Engineering Consultant for their cold-conservation facilities, and then SIT S.p.A. (a regional public utility), overseeing their waste management operations. Mr. Licursi was a principal of European Waste Solutions, Inc., a provider of engineering solutions for anaerobic digesters, conversions of Municipal Solid Waste to refuse derived fuel and promotion of co-generation facilities utilizing biomass and/or waste fuels.

Mr. Licursi received both his BSME and MSME degrees from the University of Oklahoma.