Renewable Power Holdings Incorporated

Infrastructure consulting, alternative energy, clean technologies & more

We provide diversified services for the power industry such as; project screening, due dilligence, development, product support and community outreach.

  We speicailize in infrastructure projects that provide alternative energy solutions to generate "green" power for a cleaner future!

Renewable Power  provides a host of services for supporting projects that require screening, additional development or various due dilligence services to qualify for funding.  We work with other developers, finance groups and equipment suppliers on infrastructure and renewable energy projects.  
Together our focus is to provide a suite of services to support and/or advance projects so they are bankable in exchange for consulting fees and in some cases small equity positions in the completed projects. While we will work on many different types of infrastructure projects, we have a particular expertise in Waste-to-Energy (WTE) and Biomass-to-Energy (BTE) development. 

In certain markets, we also promote our own small to medium sized renewable energy projects regionally located where there are long term supplies of waste fuel and a need for thermal and/or electrical energy.  Renewable Power can provide the critical link of applying new proven alternative energy technologies as "turn-key" solutions for clients seeking eco-friendly options and relief from dependencies on fossil fuels and their associated costs.

We harness the energy from renewable resources and convert it to clean power to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels while helping to protect the environment.


The renewable energy industry addresses the parallel problems of increased costs in fossil fuels and the damage they have on the environment. Modern economies are driven by energy and should those costs begin to incease again, it can put tremendous pressure on those economies. 

Unfortunately, our energy is primarily supplied by the burning of fossil fuels, which is a finite resource that contributes to global warming. The municipal waste of these economies also contributes to pollution when landfills contaminate local waters and eventually emit large quantities of methane, one of the worst green house gases.  By developing WTE and BTE plants, we are creating local solutions to these problems with global benefits.

Renewable Power is agnostic with regard to technologies.  We will evaluate and recommend "Best of Breed" technologies that have been proven to convert biomass and various waste materials into clean green energy.  We recommend using proven enviromentally clean gasification technology to convert multiple waste streams into renewable "green" energy (thermal and/or electrical). The BTE facilities use this same gasification technology to convert wood waste, crop waste and energy crops into cost effective clean energy while helping to lower carbon emissions.

When providing development or consulting services regarding technology solutions for specific applications, we only use proven systems.  The proven gasification technology systems we recommend enables us to provide turn-key modular solutions. As consultants and project developers we customize the equipment configuration for each customer's specific needs. In some cases, we have industrial and commercial consumers who want to purchase energy services (i.e. steam and electricity) from our "inside the fence" utility system solutions.  These clients can benefit from the long term opportunity of avoiding paying the escalating costs based on fossil fuel generated energy commodities.  We can also provide consulting services for various renewable energy suppliers needing support with their clients projects or for in-house project development opportunities.

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